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Monday, June 26, 2006

Energy Equations

The professor has a nice article on the geopolitical shifts that are happening around us and the impact on energy consumption. He points out the impact of India and China (especially china) to the global energy calculus. The regional integration of S.America will be another blow for the monroe doctrine and with India and China out the Kyoto protocol till 2012 we should see some good geo-political action this decade. Better to get closer to china the only unintimidatable and least agressive major power ! A memorable quote in typical chomsky style "Many indigenous people apparently do not see any reason why their lives, societies and cultures should be disrupted or destroyed so that New Yorkers can sit in their SUVs in traffic gridlock." gives us a clear picture of where the root of the problem lies! Consumption driven economics...without a ecological and ethical counter force.


  1. "Consumption driven economics...without a ecological and ethical counter force."

    This ties in with what Doris Lessing spoke of in her Canopus in Argos series. "Need" driven economics. A need economy however requires some drastic changes. In our fundamental assumptions of who we are and what we may permit of ourselves.

    That road requires that we acknowledge the necessity of experiencing the freedom of intuition, love (of one self and the neighbor) and empathy with the universe....for starters.

  2. I would have thought that you forgot about Doris Lessing after all these years. Jesus! The marriage between zones three,four and five (which incidentally you inflicted on me) has probably scarred me for life ! Anyway point taken.