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Friday, January 20, 2006

Solar telecom solutions

One of the silent revolutions that has been taking place is the penetration of solar PV solutions for the police force. All state police forces have their own wireless radio network that is supposed to work across the state. The same is true of the state owned transport corporations etc. These bodies typically have their own repeating stations to re-transmit the signals across the state. These repeater stations are typically on top of natural elevations (devarayanadurga is a good example near tumkur) where grid power may or may not be available. Further the unreliability of grid power in such locations forces autonomous power generation.
What all this is leading too is that the cops are switching to Solar/Diesel based systems to run the stations. From the information that we have it appears to be very successful and they have to use the DG only during the worst of the monsoons to augment the solar setup. Admirable given the red tape in the system.

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