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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Annual Security FUD fest

A look at this year's CERT OS vulnarability list and the press rants about it. What is clear is that Windoze is as vlunarable as ever and M$ as usual is relying on slanted press coverage to 'creatively reinterepret' the CERT reports to its advantage. Newsforge reports
Everywhere you look in the trade press today, you'll find glowing misrepresentations of US-CERT's latest annual summary of vulnerabilities discovered in 2005. If you take the summary findings at face value, you would likely conclude that Windows -- with 812 reported vulnerabilities -- is a much safer operating system than something called "Unix/Linux," which totaled 2,328. The US-CERT summaries have become the fodder for a FUD festival, and many scribes sympathetic to the Microsoft cause go out of their way to make sure the real picture never emerges.

Read the rest here.

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