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Friday, September 23, 2005

Products that conform to renewable energy standards

A number of solutions are already available in using LED's for general and task lighting from Alternate lighting, that specializes in LED and CCFL based lighting solutions. While Alternate is focused on the rural market for bulk of its products, the current trend indicates that there is a huge uptake from urban areas as well. Goes to show that our grid based networks leave enough room for even the so called AEH homes to invest in Solar LED lighting systems. Alternate can be reached at


  1. 'Accessibility-ready' MacJournal 3.2 ships
    Minneapolis, Minn.-based Mariner Software Inc. on Thursday announced the release of MacJournal v3.2 , a new version of their personal journaling software for Mac OS X. The new version uses the accessibility API ...
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  2. TailRank to take personalized approach to blog ranking
    Don't know too much about the details on this yet, but Tech Crunch points to TailRank , Kevin Burton's new startup.
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