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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lighting and India

India has caught the worlds imagination in the last two decades with advances in many fields including technology. Truth be told, only a small fraction of our population has participated in this boom and benefited from it. When one looks at the social indices and the human development metrics India still remains at the bottom of the heap. Some of the contributing factors for this have been historical, however if one key factor was to be highlighted, it the lack of modern power and hence devices.
Let me explain, i am not talking of PC's or GPRS networks, thought these are key in some other ways. There is a vast population that lacks the basics of modern living starting with sanitation, running water and electric lighting. While sanitation and water are usually addressed locally, power by its definition has meant grid based power networks. This has obviously left a large parts of this country without reliable power and hence its attendant benefits.
The new wave of technology has brought decentralized power to the center stage and coupled with exciting new technology like high power LED's and high efficiency solar panels the dream that every Indian home will be lit electrically looks within our reach...

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