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Sunday, August 31, 2008

4 exciting new LED lighting products from Alternate

Alternate Lighting has announced the commercial debut of 4 new led lighting products in various verticals.
The indoor segment saw the introduction of 2 variants of 'ColdSpark' a 2.5 W GU5.3 MR16 compatible warm and cool white lamp. This is a direct drop in replacement for indoor halogen fixtures rated at 20W. There is also a 5 W range that is targeted at the 50W halogen replacement market.
The company has entered the industrial segment with 'Solitaire' a 1 W neutral white high CRI industrial sewing machine task lamp. This product is expected to have high penetration as it allows up to 50 % reduction in lighting costs for the price sensitive garment export industry.

OE shipments of 'Rhodium' a hybrid grid - solar capable street lighting solution with output range from 20W right upto 75W have also commenced.
The rural lighting segment was addressed using the 'Aadhi' community lighting solution. Aadhi is highly rated as it produces about 9 hours of constant lumen light from a single day's charge.

Disclosure : I work at Alternate.

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