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Friday, April 28, 2006

Shape of things to come - Dynamic pricing

Power companies in north america are now offering power at different rates based on load and peak demand. It is cheaper to consume power at off peak hours. This has led to gadgets that chanrge their internal batteries when the tarrif is lower and let you use it normally. The device, called GridPoint Protect, is the size of a small file cabinet and connects to the circuitbreaker panel. (The company also offers a lower-capacity version designed for homes, which costs $10,000.) A built-in computer powered by a Pentium chip will make intelligent purchase decisions, buying when prices are low, then storing the electricity for later use. That will make it possible to run your company during the workday with cheaper electricity that you purchased at 3 A.M.
Sounds familiar ? Every indian who can afford it has a UPS that does pretty much the same except that there is no diffrential tarrif and hence no intelligence required for the system.

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